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Comprising mainly pension funds, this group also includes other institutional investors such as insurance companies, charitable organizations, endowment funds and foundations. Clients have benefited from diversification and higher returns due to Smartvest's unique investments philosophy and style. As these institutions usually represent a diverse constituency of individual members, Smartvest also takes advantage of its vast understanding of the individual member requirements gained through its various programs that are meant to demystify' investments to the ordinary person.


The increasing demand for short term investments on the money market and the high risk aversion by most investors in the country, prompted Smartvest to design a special short term money market managed portfolio to meet the return and risk requirements for such a large group of customers. With over 20 years' experience in the Zimbabwean financial markets, its wide network of money market counterparties and strong risk management skills Smartvest helps both individual and corporate clients to achieve competitive interest rates on the money market at relatively low risk. Smartvest takes away from its clients the headache of hunting for competitive rates and secure institutions to invest their hard earned money. Reasonable security for all investments done on behalf of customers is obtained from all counterparties to help manage the high credit risk.


These are portfolios tailor-made for specific clients who are either corporate bodies or high net-worth individuals. In creating the portfolio, Smartvest takes a lot of time to understand the client's objectives, risk tolerance, unique circumstances and constraints, before agreeing on an Investment Policy Statement to address that particular clients’ requirements. Each client will thus have unique investment portfolio tailor-made to suit its unique requirements. Smartvest thus takes full ownership of the client's asset allocation to ensure that the client gets the best return given the prevailing conditions on the different markets while at the same time taking cognizance of the client's risk tolerance and constraints.


A unit trust is a pool of funds from different investors that is used to buy a large portfolio of assets. Smartvest offers one, all equity unit trust fund that invests on the stock market, two money market funds and a balanced fund that invests both on the stock and money markets. These investments have different pre-set objectives and risk tolerance levels pre-designed to suit the different investor profiles and circumstances. To further enhance security of investments, an independent entity, Stanbic Custodial Services are the third party trustees and custodians to these fund.
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